Paradise Beach Thailand Package

Day 1

We’ll arrange transport from Bangkok to Krabi for you and once you arrive in Krabi, one of our friendly staff members will bring you to your hotel where you’ll be greeted with a refreshing cool drink.

Day 2

We’ll show you around some of the best locations in Krabi. First, you’ll get to know the 3km sandy beach. It’s a great spot to eat, swim and just relax at the beach – whether you want to sunbath or take refuge in the shadow of the evergreen trees, this is the perfect place to wind down and let all tension and stress leave your body and mind and just have a good time.

We’ll also visit Ao Nang beach, popular for the impressive steep limestone cliffs that rise straight from the clear, bright-blue, friendly water. It’s a great place for kids to play in the water and have fun with the small waves, and it’s a very safe beach. There are lots of opportunities to enjoy a good meal directly on the beach.

Spend a lazy day in the sun, go for a swim, explore the underwater world snorkeling and take it easy.

Day 3

Today we’ll explore Railey beach, the most popular beach on Krabi island. It’s a spectacular destination – the white, sandy beaches are surrounded by steep limestone cliffs, and can only be reached by long-tail boat. If you are up for a physical challenge, you can go climbing on the limestone formations here, and there are certified climbing trainers and equipment available for you too. You can explore impressive limestone caves with stalagmites and stalactites. Railey beach has repeatedly been voted the “world’s most beautiful beach” – it is a popular tourist destination now, and you’ll be able to make new friends from all over the world here quickly. The water is shallow and clear, the beach white and sandy, and the food is delicious.

Day 4

In the morning, you take a two hour boat ride from Ao Nang beach to Ko Phi Phi islands. The larger one, Ko Phi Phi Don has a wide variety of beautiful, white sandy beaches. Spend another day in paradise here. There is a great choice of food available here, be it Thai, European or American food, and of course a lot of seafood. If you want to be where all the action is and mingle with tourists from all over the world, then Ton Sai Bay is the place to be. Otherwise, there are plenty of serene and secluded beaches where you can enjoy your privacy.

There are no roads on this island, and the vast part of the island consists of mountains covered in deep jungle. The only way to move around is by boat, and there are plenty of small boat-taxis available everywhere. Since there are no roads, there are also no cars and motorcycles, and this gives the whole island a very laid back and relaxed feeling.

There are many activities to chose from, be it kayaking, scuba diving, climbing, snorkeling, trekking, water skiing, windsurfing or parasailing. Or just let the day pass by while you relax at the beach.

Day 5

Spend another day on Phi Phi Don island – it’s the perfect place, and in the past we stayed only one day here, and people never wanted to leave. So we changed our program and now you get an extra day on this beautiful island boasting many beautiful beaches. You can also take a small boat to explore the nearby, surrounding smaller islands.

Day 6

After breakfast, and a quick swim in the beautiful blue waters, we get ready for the boat: We are now headed to Phuket, Thailand’s largest and most popular island with tourists. Meet new people, party, explore the jungles of Phuket on an elephants back, pamper yourself with one of the many high-class spa treatments, go whitewater rafting, go-kart driving, golfing, have fun with an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle), go horse riding, bungee jumping, golfing, sailing – the possibilities are endless.

Day 7

Spend another half day in Phuket before your tour guide will bring you to the airport and you’ll fly to Bangkok.

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