Undiscovered Bangkok

Day 1

As soon as you arrive at the airport in Bangkok, one of our friendly tour guides will pick you up and you’ll comfortably be driven to your hotel. Take some time to relax, enjoy good Thai food, visit the spa where you can receive a soothing and rejuvenating wellness treatment or go for a swim in the pool.

Day 2

After breakfast, we’ll visit a small community in Bangkok that has still preserved their old way of life. They live by the river in traditional Thai houses built on stilts and grow their own fruits and plants. This place does not feel like Bangkok at all – rather like a small village community upcountry. But you see Bangkok’s bustling skyline and it’s only about 30 minutes away from Bangkok’s bustling Sukhumvit road.

For lunch, we will cook authentic local Thai food together with the women of the village and prepare some Thai desserts. You’ll learn about different ways of preparing food and making a delicious curry, barbequed fish and a lot more. Afterwards, we explore the area by bicycle. We’ll cycle along small paths, passing small organic rice plantations, fruit plantations, and explore the small communities that live here. You will see a banana plantation where more than 30 different kinds of bananas are being grown, and you can sample the taste of some of these unique and rare varieties.

There is also a special old Thai temple, that has not been restored – which is very rare. The roof is made from teak wood and the locals belief this is a sacred temple.

Visit a small local park in the vicinity and a fighting fish museum.

In the night time, we take a small long-tail boat and visit the Chao Phraya river by night. We’ll not visit the typical tourist routes, but instead drive along the container ship docks by night, which is a fascinating experience, and also  look at the multi-colored bridge to

you sleep in the 150 year old wooden house.

Day 3

In the morning you can participate in the alms giving ritual for the monks if you want to. After that, we stroll across the traditional local market (on weekend only) and later leave the small community, cross the river and visit the Golden Mountain temple in Bangkok. Here, a relic of the Buddha is stored, and walking up the small “mountain” in the middle of Bangkok can be quiet an experience. This is a very auspicious temple, and it also provides a great view over Bangkok. Afterwards, we’ll visit the Royal Pavilion Mahajetsadabadin and the nearby castle.

Then, we’ll explore the only remaining local water-canal taxi in Bangkok. This is not the big ferry on the Chao Phraya river, but a small boat that goes right through the middle of Bangkok in a small khlong. Along the way, we’ll explore temples and small local communities where tourists rarely visit.

In the evening, we go back to the hotel.

Day 4

After breakfast, we will arrange for your airport transport.

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